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Why Your Hard Drives Should be Destroyed

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Wiping out hard drives sounds easy; with one click of the “delete” button, it’s gone. While that does seem simple, it really isn’t the best method of securely getting rid of important data.

The information stored on hard drives is technically never erased, the only thing erased is the pointer that allows your user interface to tell you where that information is. Many business owners overlook electronic data protection and never consider data destruction in their business plans.

While there is new software to delete data, there are limitations that still leave hard drives vulnerable to attack. Hard drive destruction is the securest method of getting rid of sensitive data. Because your information and confidential data are disposed of safely, this process gives you peace of mind. This article highlights the benefits of hard drive destruction.


Your Data Will Not Be Recovered

By physically destroying your hard drives, you leave no trace for criminals tempted to retrieve your data. Although many believe that data is completely erased from hard drives once deleted, the only 100% guaranteed way to ensure that all data is gone is by hard drive destruction.

More Storage in Your Office

Keeping up with old hard drives takes up much-needed space in your workplace. Destroying your hard drives frees up office space and storage.

You’ll Avoid Fines and Be in Regulatory Compliance

When you do not correctly dispose of or destroy your data or electronic media, your business can face some pretty hefty fines. A professional data destruction company, however, is knowledgeable about the regulations of destroying data storage media.

You can trust that your hard drives are properly disposed of following the laws and guidelines that apply.

Hard Drive Shredding is Hassle-free and Convenient for You

At UCI Document Destruction, we believe that physical destruction is the safest method of destroying your data.

For more information about our shredding services, contact UCI Document Destruction in Amarillo or Lubbock, Texas. UCI has been the leading copier company in the greater Texas Panhandle region for more than 20 years.

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