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What’s The Point of Shredding Documents When I Can Just Throw Them Away?

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

shred your documents for business security with UCI Document Destruction

When companies simply tear up and throw away their documents, they put themselves at risk of someone retrieving and reading them. These documents often contain sensitive information such as company bank account details and client records that criminals can use to steal identities. Someone can break into a bank account or start using a credit card within minutes of stealing the information.

Businesses have a legal obligation to detect and avert identity theft attempts and to protect employee and customer information. One of the best options for meeting these legal requirements is to hire a paper shredding service.

What to look for in a professional shredding service or document destruction business?

You don’t want to send your sensitive documents to an outsourced shredding service only to find out that the service is not as trustworthy as you originally believed. Look for a destruction company that does all of their work on-site. As long as a company employee is present when the work is done, there is no reason to worry. Some companies even have cameras in their trucks so that the organization can watch the shredding process as it happens.

How much does outsourced document shredding cost?

Investing in a company shredder can be quite expensive, especially when you consider that it includes operational training costs and maintenance expenses. Most businesses cannot justify these expenses for the return that they get on them. Many document shredding services offer fair, affordable bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly shredding charges.

Where am I supposed to put all the shredded paper?

Have you considered the fact that when you shred documents, you are left with a large quantity of shredded paper? What are you supposed to do with it? One of the benefits that comes with hiring a document destruction service is they have recycling service for disposing of the shredded remains in a manner that is also responsible from an environmental perspective.

Companies feel good about the disposal of their paper and do not have to take on any extra expenses to dispose of it themselves.

What happens to documents after they are shredded?

There are occasions where companies have documents that are so sensitive that they do need to be transported elsewhere for proper destruction, such as government investigation and police precinct materials. When you hire a reputable document shredding service, they ensure that the documents cannot fall into the wrong hands during the transport, which could have detrimental consequences for the company.

Who offers shredding services in Amarillo, Texas?

When you’re in need of a full-service copier company and document destruction in the greater Texas Panhandle region, get in touch with UCI. From selling copiers to servicing printers to providing secure document destruction services, we handle every aspect of copying, printing, and scanning imaginable. Speak to one of our experienced representatives today by calling 806-372-7722.