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What Kind Of Documents Need Shredding?

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

office shredding services

As a business, it is important to keep all of your clients information confidential. Whether you are a doctor’s office or a retail store, all information needs to be protected from theft. Every business needs to have a plan as to how they will discard their documents. It’s not just as simple as tossing them in the trash. There are steps you need to take depending on the information on said documents.

Business documents

Customers give businesses sensitive information daily. These might include names, dates, credit card information, addresses, medical information, and so much more. When customers voluntarily give this information, they expect it to be private and taken seriously.

Personal documents

It’s not only important to shred your customers personal information, but also the information of your business as well. Things such as billing, banking documents, personal identification papers, purchasing information, passwords, and anything else that might give someone information. This can not only help your business from someone coming in and taking things that they shouldn’t, but also from gaining access to your customers’ information.

Businesses that need shredding

Here is a list of the most common businesses that can benefit from shredding and why.

  • Doctor’s offices- To go along with HIPPA laws, this will keep all medical information safe and secure.
  • Law offices- Lawyers tend to have confidential information on their clients that can pertain to court hearings and other situations in which one might see a lawyer.
  • Medical offices- Besides a doctor’s office, there are other types of medical offices that need to follow HIPPA guidelines like hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Retail stores- These businesses might have credit card information on file that needs to be kept confidential. They might also have addresses and other information that is sensitive.

All in all, it is important to have documents shredded, whether you are a business or an individual. This can help prevent identity theft or any other breach of information.

Looking for shredding services?

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