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What Is The Purpose Of A Shred Bin?

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

shred bin

Does your business have a designated area where they place documents that need to be destroyed? It’s important that everyone in your office knows where these areas are located. Some people deal with extremely sensitive information on a daily basis- thus needing document destruction. If you don’t have a shred bin in your office, here are some reasons why it’s important for you to invest in one. 


Most companies have a set procedure for sensitive documents. Whether it be destroying them on the spot or having a designated area to place them, shred bins can benefit your business when it comes to security. A shred bin gives you a place to directly store any documents that you don’t want easily available to anyone. Most importantly, a shred bin is made with tough materials- making it difficult to get into. Shred bins also come with an area to place a lock so that people can’t go and open it whenever they please. If this is something that your business has, it’s important to have a designated person to keep the key to the lock so that not everyone can access inside of the bin. 

Shredding services

If your business has a shred bin, chances are you have a document destruction company that goes along with it. Most shredding companies will have bin sizes to purchase or rent along with their services. Here at UCI Destruction, these are our shred bin options:

  • Cabinet- This size bin is perfect for people who don’t have many documents that need to be destroyed, but still need the security of shredding. 
  • 32 Gallon- The next size, this bin holds around 100 pounds of paper. 
  • 64 Gallon- Perfect for medium to large businesses and holds around 200 pounds of paper. 
  • 96 Gallon- This size is perfect for large businesses that need to destroy many documents. This bin holds around 300 pounds of paper. 

Could your business benefit from having a shred bin?

Contact us at UCI Destruction to discuss your Document Shredding options. We cater to any business- small or large. If you’re interested in any of our services, give us a call at 806-372-7722 and get started today!