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The Basics Of Hard Drive Destruction You May Not Know

Friday, August 30th, 2019

When you are getting rid of hard drives, you may wonder what the best methods are. Because business hard drives store so much private data, you shouldn’t throw them out whole. Even if you are able to take them apart, they still need to be wiped before being destroyed too. Here are some basics about destroying these devices that can help you protect your business data.


What exactly is hard drive destruction?

This is a method for getting rid of sensitive information that has been stored on your computer. Businesses that benefit from this include those in the medical industry, schools, and law firms. Files, programs, and other data should be wiped before the device is physically destroyed. So, what are the methods for destroying hard drives?

Smashing them yourself

You may be able to smash up a hard drive on your own using a hammer or other strong tool. But, even if you break it into smaller pieces, someone may still be able to put it back together. This means that if you do not get rid of the information on the device, thieves can still access it.

Hiring a company

The safest and most efficient way to destroy a hard drive is to hire a document destruction company. Either you or the company can wipe the device of all sensitive information. Then, the company will use a specialized machine to rip apart the hard drive so it cannot be put back together.

The benefits of professional hard drive destruction

There are many benefits of hiring a company to take care of your hard drive destruction. First, they have industrial equipment that can tear up hard drives as well as other storage devices. You can trust that your information will not be available to anyone after the company destroys it. Second, you can stay compliant with any regulations you must follow in your industry without taking extra steps. You can simply have the shredding company pick up your hard drives. Finally, you can get a certificate of destruction to prove that you have practiced the best data safety procedures possible.

Choosing the right data destruction company

Choosing to hire a company to destroy your business’ data is a great step, but you need to hire the right one. Any company can claim to be able to shred your devices, but if they don’t have a strong reputation, that should be a red flag. Here are some other factors to look at when you are searching.

  1. Is the company safe? You can verify this by asking about their procedures. Will they transport your hard drives in a locked vehicle? Make sure the staff have had background checks and that the people handling your hard drives are trained.
  2. Make sure the company is trustworthy. You may have to do some research online to figure this out. Check for reviews on websites, social media, and local listing services. You can also ask others if they trust anyone in the area.
  3. Ask about proof of destruction. Document and hard drive shredding companies should always offer a certificate to show that your data has been destroyed properly. If they don’t, consider a different company.
  4. Find out about certified companies. When looking for a local shredding company, find one that has awards and certifications. These show that the individuals who work there are dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable.

Shredding and hard drive destruction in your area

If you are looking for document and hard drive destruction in Amarillo or Lubbock, Texas, the professionals at UCI Document Destruction can help. Our Shredding services include on-site paper shredding and we have an industrial-grade shredder at our location to take care of your hard drives and other storage devices. Give us a call at (806) 372-7722 or Contact Us by Email to learn more.