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Why You Still Need Paper Shredding Services If You Recycle

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

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As a business owner or manager, you must be aware of the legal requirements to protect customer and employee records. It is also required by law that documents that contain financial information that can be used to steal identities and carry out white collar fraud are destroyed by shredding.

In an attempt to maintain a favorable bottom line, a business may opt to do paper shredding in-house rather than outsourcing the service to minimize costs. This may seem like a viable option especially if a business has already engaged a company to take care of recycling their paper waste.

Why You Need Paper Shredding Services

Companies that provide paper recycling services focus primarily on this. They do not hold a license to deal with the confidential and complete shredding of sensitive documents so they do not comply with paper shredding requirements. Therefore, should there by any oversight or breach, your business will be held liable for confidential employee or customer information that becomes public.

What If A Business Does In-House Paper Shredding?

A business may also opt to invest in an in-house shredder with the aim of cutting costs. In actuality, it costs less to outsource the service. In fact, both large and small businesses can save at least 17 percent in productivity by outsourcing the service rather than doing the service in-house.

Business is operated during designated hours so time really is money. Productivity is boosted when the staff can get on with other tasks other than remove paper clips, staples, shredding paper and packaging it for recycling. There also has to be someone overseeing the process to ensure there are no slip-ups which can become costly oversights.

Isn’t Document Storage Enough?

You may also think that since you store your documents, you don’t need to have them shredded. The truth is that all documents outlive their useful purpose. Even with small businesses, documents do pile up and they will need to be discarded. With larger companies where a lot of papers are used and discarded, paper shredding companies make scheduled visits to the premises, take away the paper in the bins that the company provides and take it away for shredding and disposal which is usually done by recycling.

Can You Prove Your Compliance?

Since it is a legal requirement that businesses shred confidential and sensitive documents carrying financial information on customers and employees, you may be asked for proof of compliance. Shredding companies issue a Certificate of Destruction with details like the exact time and date the shredding was done.

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