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Start The New Year Right With Document Destruction For Businesses

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

shred your documents for business security with UCI Document Destruction

It’s the start of a new year and you are likely preparing your business for many things. One thing you should consider is document purging, also known as shredding. This is something every employee can and should partake in, especially if there are documents piled up. There are few ways you can get rid of records and files, including document management and shredding.

Document management

This should be something your business does throughout the year. It will make your document purging go smoother. Using professional software can help you migrate many of your records into scanned or electronic form and keep them secure.

There are many features you can choose from, including document routing, notifications, image enhancement, and revision control. Using a document management system can help you stay organized when it comes to record retention as well. You can make notes and annotations, as well as easily store for quick access.

What records should be part of document purging?

Even if you do not have a record retention plan or document management system, you can still do a document purge. Cleaning out old documents that you no longer need can help your office look better and may even increase productivity. The following are just some of the records you may or may not need to shred and their retention rates.

Employee records

These documents can include records of current and past employees, as well as payroll information. Records like timecards should kept until at least three years after termination. For payroll information or unclaimed property, it is best to keep records for four or more years. Tax records should also be kept for a minimum of four years from the date the tax was paid or due.

Sales tax records

Sales tax records will vary depending upon the state where you operate your business. Be sure that all of your tax documents are kept for the recommended time and if you think you may be audited, for longer. Speaking with a professional can help you with this.

Tips for document shredding

It is best to make sure that all documents you are getting rid of are destroyed properly. Secure shredding is your best option for protecting the sensitive information of your business, clients, and employees.

Hard drive and media destruction

Paper is not the only thing you should focus on when doing a document purge. Hard drives and other forms of media should be destroyed of properly as well. Some document destruction companies are able to shred these items and dispose of them safely. Simply wiping the electronics may not be enough to protect the private information stored on them, although you should still do this.

Hiring a company

When you are ready to shred your documents, contacting a reputable company is a great option for small, medium, and large businesses. They understand the sensitive nature of document destruction and have the equipment to get the job done fast. You could try doing this on your own, but personal office shredders often do not destroy records enough.

A company can come to your office and shred your documents while you watch. After they are done, you should be presented with a Certificate of Destruction. This is an important record that should be stored indefinitely for security purposes.

The experts at UCI Document Destruction are ready to help with your document purge. We have mobile shredding trucks equipped with CCTV so you can be sure your documents are shredded securely. We are also AAA certified through the National Association for Information Destruction. Call us at (806) 372-7722 or Contact Us via email for more information about our Services.