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Hard Drive Shredding

Paper files aren’t the only target for criminals. You have to think about protecting your digital files and electronic media, too. While there is

UCI's hard drive shredder

UCI’s hard drive shredder

software that can easily destroy your secure files with the click of a mouse, sometimes that’s not enough.

Technology is ever-evolving and becoming more advanced. Although this is exciting, at the same time criminals are becoming more savvy, leaving us vulnerable to identity theft and fraud, among other criminal misconduct. Just like our confidential paper files, our electronic devices are targets.

You can no longer simply erase information from a drive and expect the data to disappear forever. Placing an old computer is storage does not mean it’s safe. Once files have been erased on a drive, they can still be accessed by an individual skilled in information retrieval.

The only way to ensure that information cannot be compromised once the hard drive leaves your premises is to engage the use of a hard drive destruction service.

UCI’s hard drive shredder is designed to physically destroy computer hard disks, flash drives, copier hard drives, back-up tapes, DVDs and assorted e-waste. To learn more about our secure hard driving shredding service in Amarillo, Texas, please fill out the form.