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Document Shredding & Privacy Protection

Many companies aren’t destroying documents and they are not keeping record of what they destroyed. In addition to HR documents, receipts and personal client information, you are responsible for your customer’s privacy.

If their information gets into the wrong hands, you could be held liable. You should also properly dispose of your notes, which could contain trade secrets and information your competition could use against you.

There is no question that on-site shredding decreases a number of the risks associated with shredding. However, many companies are still concerned about the shredding process. How do you know that you’re working with a company that employs reputable workers? What should you expect to see during the shredding process?

UCI offers document shredding in Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas. The UCI Document Destruction Truck that comes to your office is equipped with CCTV to show you the shredding process as it takes place right before your eyes. You get the reassurance that the shredding is completed in its entirety both securely and professionally. Afterward, UCI provides a certificate of destruction and a thorough record of everything that was destroyed.

At UCI, your paper never leaves a secure location. Everything is shredded in our Document Destruction Truck or on-site. Our customers can watch the shredding process on CCTV. All shredded documents are recycled into paper again.