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If you run a business, you know how important it is to protect your company’s and customer’s private information.

Security breaches cost U.S. businesses millions of dollars every year in fees and lost revenue, not to mention their reputation. Keep your business’s and customer’s private information private by investing in  professional document shredding services.

UCI provides privacy and convenience with cost effective, user-friendly, environmentally conscious document destruction solutions in Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas. We offer secure on-site paper shredding.

How Much Does Document Shredding Cost in Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas?

You should only pay for the shredded services that you need. UCI has multiple bin sizes and sets clients up with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly shredding visits. We ensure that you get the bin size and shredding plan that is the best fit for your particular business. Bin sizes come in:

  • Cabinet: holds about 100 lbs.
  • 32-gallon bin: holds about 100 lbs.
  • 64-gallon bin: holds about 200 lbs.
  • 96-gallon bin: holds about 300 lbs.

Not only is professional document destruction one of the safest ones to protect your business and clients, but it can also cut down on costs. Document destruction is more cost-effective than paying an employee in-house to shred documents and less expensive than paying for permanent off-site document storage.

Document Shredding for Businesses in Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas

Do you work for one of the following industries? Document destruction may be the solution that you need for protecting highly sensitive information.

UCI Document Destruction

Medical offices: Medical offices include both hospitals and private practices. In order to comply with HIPAA, you must store or destroy your paper records.

Law offices: Lawyers handle clients’ personal records on a regular basis. If you are managing a lawsuit pertaining to a medical, criminal, oil, or gas issue, you don’t want your documents to fall into the wrong hands.

Banks: Banks handle large quantities of contracts. Every bank document that is signed must be stored for a certain number of years, after which point, it must be destroyed properly.

CPAs: CPAs are responsible for sensitive tax forms, records, quarterly reports, and annual reports for their clients.

Manufacturing: Varying manufacturing industries must be aware of their HR documentation as well as paperwork related to trade secrets and sales proposals.

Does Your Business Need Professional Document Shredding?

The fastest growing crime in the United States is identity theft. Most business identity theft is done right in company dumpsters behind office buildings. When companies do not destroy their documents properly, they leave themselves vulnerable.

Companies that complete their own document destruction often use strip shredders, which do not provide ample protection. In addition, they don’t keep records of the items that they destroyed. If you use a cut and rip shredder, then you have to transport the shredded remains to a recycling center or they still end up in the dumpster where they are at risk of getting stolen.

UCI offers comprehensive document destruction for businesses of varying sizes as well as hard drive and media destruction. All of our employees undergo background checks and drug testing to ensure that your sensitive information stays secure.

UCI is also a member of the National Association for Information Destruction, and as such, adheres to their professional standards. We provide document destruction services in Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas. To learn more about what UCI has to offer, please fill out the form on this page.