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Why Is Security Important When Destroying Business Records?

Thursday, July 1st, 2021

shredding and recycling business documents with UCI Document Destruction

The whole purpose of shredding documents is to curtail the attempts of white-collar criminals who use them to steal people’s identities to access their resources such as bank accounts and credit or debit cards balances. It is therefore of critical importance that documents are destroyed in such a way that they cannot be retrieved and read. UCI Mobile Document Shredding services ensures this.

What is this service?

This is a service whereby the shredding company travels to the premises of different businesses on schedule to undertake the shredding of their documents. There are several advantages to this compared to the option of a company undertaking to destroy their own documents.

For one, UCI Mobile Document Shredding services issues a Certificate of Destruction that declares they have followed due procedure in shredding the documents. Should issues arise, a company can prove that they did their part in protecting client and employee information.

It also eliminates the hassle of a company having to invest in shredders which are quite costly. Related costs like training staff to operate them and maintenance costs would also be incurred. The charges for bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly shredding are quite fair and affordable. It does not make financial sense to invest so much in such machinery that would not be used to generate returns.

How does it work?

UCI Mobile Document Shredding services also solve the problem of how large volumes of shredded paper will be discarded. They have incorporated a recycling service whereby they also recycle the shredded paper. A business does not, therefore, have to incur additional costs of disposing of the waste paper.

Sometimes, though there are documents that are very sensitive that need to be transported, say to and from police precincts and Government investigation offices. UCI Mobile Document Shredding also undertakes to destroy such documents in the field so that they cannot be intercepted in transit ensuring that there are no chances of them falling into the wrong hands which could have dire consequences.

It is a legal requirement that businesses implement methods for detecting and averting identity theft attempts and that they protect client and employee information. Paper shredding is one of the best ways to do this. A shredding service provider should be professional, reliable, and competitively priced and UCI Mobile Document Shredding service fits the bill perfectly as many satisfied customers will testify.

Does your business need secure document destruction?

Contact the specialists at UCI Destruction today. They are certified to shred any type of document that you have and will do it securely so no one can steal your information. Call them today at 806-372-7722 to learn more.