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Professional Shredding Services: The Process And Pricing

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

keep your documents securing by using UCI Document Destruction shredding services

Documents and media material that contain sensitive or confidential information must be destroyed when they are no longer needed. This privacy law is enforced by FACTA and HIPPA and protects individual and business security. Shredding these documents is the safest and surest method of total destruction. When you need to destroy your sensitive papers, there are several options you can use.

Options for shredding services

Three different methods can accomplish safe document destruction. With mobile shredding, a company comes to your business and shreds your documents in a specialized truck. This method offers a good measure of security, as the documents never leave your site. Some vehicles even come equipped with video feed, so you can watch your documents as they are destroyed.

Drop-off shredding services allow you to bring your documents to the document destruction company. This method works well when you have the time for delivery and small amounts of shredding.

The other method is off-site shredding, which is able to handle the largest volumes of documents. If your business generates three hundred pounds of material or more, this option may be the best one for your needs.

The process of each shredding service

When your business generates a lot of documents, an off-site shredding service will work well for you. You will get locked bins to place throughout the workplace for your employees to drop documents. The containers are picked up on a designated schedule or when you call, then taken to an off-site facility where the documents are shredded and recycled. You will be given a certificate of destruction as proof you are complying with security laws.

Mobile shredding works much the same way as the off-site method. You will have locked bins to set out in your work area. But, instead of the service taking your documents to a different location, they are destroyed on your property. A formal certificate is given to prove you are following laws set up by FACTA and HIPPA and that your shredding service is following security protection procedures.

The third method of document destruction for your business is drop-off shredding. With this service, you transport the material to a shredding facility in a secured box. There are various drop-off sites in most cities where you can securely leave your material, and a truck will come by to shred it on a periodic schedule. You can also drop off small amounts of shredding at document destruction companies.

Documents that are shredded securely are always recycled. You should never have to worry about the destruction or the disposal for any of the three methods.

The price of professional shredding services

The price for shredding will depend on the amount of material you have to destroy and the method you choose. If you have low volumes of shredding, then the drop-off method is the easiest and cheapest. If your business generates a significant amount of documents, then the mobile or off-site methods work much better. The number of pounds will determine the final price for the service you choose.

Shredding services in Amarillo and Lubbock

UCI Document Destruction offers reliable shredding services throughout the Texas Panhandle. We provide your business with convenience and privacy through cost-effective and environmentally conscious shredding services. We are AAA certified through the National Association for Information Destruction. Call us today at (806) 372-7722 or Contact Us by email to learn more about our Services. You can also visit us in person at 1000 S. Adams St. in Amarillo or 2034 82nd St. #101 in Lubbock, Texas.