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Why Are Paper Shredding Services Important To Your Customers?

Monday, June 16th, 2014

shred your documents for business security with UCI Document Destruction

Electronic file storage and exchange are now the norm. While they offer the advantages of speed and convenience in executing business transactions, there is a down side and it is that information may fall into the wrong hands. These are the hands of criminals who use it to commit various crimes including identity theft and electronic theft such as credit card fraud. UCI Mobile Paper Shredding services eliminate this risk.

Keep The Trust

The relationship between a merchant and a buyer of any kind of service or product is based on trust. A client will quickly abandon a high quality product or service if they have reason to believe that purchasing it compromises them. It would take years to play down even one incident where client details were illicitly accessed by fraudsters and used to gain access into their resources like their bank accounts or credit and debit cards.

No Information, No Crime

UCI Mobile Paper Shredding services frustrates the attempts of those who would try to access client records with such ill intentions. They cannot succeed without vital information such as the full names of a client as displayed on a card or bank account, a credit card or bank account number, PINS and other information that businesses should protect.

By law, businesses are mandated to protect such information. A business is held liable for the losses and damages their patron suffers should it be proven that the fraudster accessed the clients personal details from a business that they made a payment to. The worst damage though, would be the loss of consumer trust and loyalty which can bring a business down.

Employees, Too

Note that this goes for employees too. A business must also guard employee information such as their pay, their taxes, loans that they may have or that they have applied for, their deductions and other personal information.

Lots Of Paper, Lots Of Potential

Yet the risk of client and employee private information is quite high with all the paperwork that is done within a business. This is why paper shredding is the only way to protect their details. Papers carrying such details are completely destroyed. They cannot be collected and pieced together which can be done with papers that are just ripped and thrown away.

Shred Every Chance

Shred every chance of losing hard won client trust and loyalty as well as employee privacy by scheduling periodic UCI Mobile Paper Shredding bi-weekly or monthly visits. Contact UCI now.