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Mobile Shredding Companies Offer More Benefits Than Ever Before

Monday, April 1st, 2019

When it comes to destroying sensitive documents, the mobile shredding industry has taken over. Businesses all over the world are beginning to rely more on these companies. In fact, they’ve practically changed how businesses shred entirely.

Why are businesses turning to mobile shredding?

So why is mobile, or on-site, shredding so popular? With modern day technology constantly improving, it’s no surprise that business leaders are looking for ways to improve their workflow. Streamlining processes like document destruction allows your employees to focus more on their work, rather than shredding old files.

Another factor is the ever-growing risk of identity theft. Paper documents (especially those that are destroyed improperly) are huge dangers to client and employee privacy. Relying on a reputable mobile shredding company is a sure way to eliminate that risk.

Mobile shredding companies rarely focus only on document destruction alone. They often have several different departments with different services available to your business. Document and print management are other services that they provide which can help your business be more efficient and secure.

The benefits of mobile shredding

Those aren’t the only reasons why more and more businesses are jumping on the mobile shredding bandwagon. There are many benefits to hiring a mobile document destruction service including the following.

  • Cost effectiveness: By entrusting a mobile shredding company with your documents, you save your business from having to buy equipment. Less paper means less wasted space and more room to work. Mobile shredding companies often won’t charge you extra pick-up fees unless you ask for shredding on non-designated days. This service is a good way to save money all around.
  • Convenience: A mobile shredding company will come to you! You don’t have to worry about dropping off all your paper or paying someone to pick it up for you. All the shredding is done on-site at the location of your business in a quick, easy process.
  • Security: As stated above, all the document destruction is done on-site. This means that there is no chance that any of your sensitive documents will end up in malicious hands. All mobile shredding companies are required to be HIPAA compliant and follow all government destruction regulations. Some companies even have CCTV on their trucks so you can ensure the safety of your information.
  • Environmentally friendly: There aren’t just regulations for document destruction. When you choose a mobile shredding service, you can rest assured that your paper waste will be taken care of properly. Most services will dispose of shredded documents in an environmentally safe manner. This goes for everything they destroy. Beyond documents, a shredding service can also effectively destroy cardboard, staples, CDs, flash drives, and hard drives.

Need a mobile shredding service in Amarillo, Texas?

UCI Document Destruction is a proud member of the National Association for Information Destruction and we are AAA certified. We provide comprehensive document destruction for businesses of all sizes. We also offer hard drive and media destruction to ensure your electronic data is safe from theft. All our employees undergo background checks and drug testing to help protect your sensitive information and keep it secure throughout the shredding process.

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