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What Exactly Is Document Destruction?

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

shred your documents for business security with UCI Document Destruction

It is mandated by law that every business puts in place steps to protect customer and employee information. This is to deter the efforts of fraudsters who would use such information to carry out white collar crime like siphoning funds out of the bank accounts or credit and debit cards of unsuspecting people. Every business must therefore have in place a strategy for document shredding based on its the nature of its activities, its scope and other specifics.

Why should I have document destruction?

A good strategy will for one, ensure there are no delays or oversights when it comes to shredding documents carrying sensitive and confidential information. A business has the option of shredding their documents in-house or outsourcing it. One advantage of outsourcing is that the company will make scheduled visits to collect the documents to be shredded. The visits may be done twice a month, once a month or quarterly depending on the unique needs of every business.

Another advantage of having a strategy in place is that there is no chance of documents headed for shredding becoming lost or falling into the wrong hands. However, this is only the case if a company outsources the service. If so, the shredding service company provides tamper- proof bins where documents to be shredded are discarded awaiting collection.

A paper shredding strategy policy will also put you in the clear should the question arise of whether your business complied with the legal paper shredding requirements. Again, this depends on whether the service is outsourced or it is done in-house. Licensed paper shredding companies issue a Certificate of Destruction that displays the exact time and date a batch of papers were shredded. If a situation arises where compliance is in question, a company can produce this document as proof.

Another reason that putting a document shredding policy is important for a business is that disposal of the shredded paper is also taken care of. Document shredding companies often combine the shredding service with disposal with is usually through recycling. A company will then not have to invest in paper waste disposal equipment. Resources can instead be channeled into widening the scope of operations, increasing the product line and other expansion ventures.

Should I outsource document destruction?

Outsourcing also increases and optimizes staff productivity. The staff do not have to spend time collecting and carrying heaps of papers into an in-house shredding center and then disposing of the waste. They can focus on tasks that are directly related to meeting customers’ needs.

For professional, secure and competitively priced document shredding services, UCI is the one-stop shop that you need. UCI recycles all destroyed documents to be turned into paper again and employs a document destruction truck. Call this Amarillo document destruction and copier company today and put in place an effective document shredding strategy for your business.