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Does It Save You Money To Do Your Own Shredding?

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

How shredding your documents can save you money

Laws are now in place to protect confidential and sensitive information that businesses handle. Companies are now forced to put in place shredding policies to comply with these laws. The decision you face as a business owner is whether to destroy in-house or hire a shredding service. The deciding factors between these choices will more than likely come down to cost. Some business owners feel the reasonable cost of a retail shredding machine outweighs the cost of professional services. However, will it actually save you money to do your own shredding?

Maintenance costs

Deciding to go with a retail shredder to perform your own shredding doesn’t just involve the purchase cost. These machines will require maintenance as they will break down during their life expectancy. Purchasing cheaper machines to try and compensate for some of the costs will end up costing you more money. The cheaper the machine, the less it will be able to handle and the easier it will break down.

Loss of space

The cost of purchasing a retail shredder varies. These machines tend to have a life of five years during which time you will have to perform maintenance to keep them running. The cost to purchase and maintain is not the only thing to consider as you will also lose precious office space to accommodate the machine. On average, a shredding machine will take two feet of office space. If you are renting your business space, this amount of footage might be necessary for other aspects of your business.

Loss of time

The minutes spent shredding your own documents adds up over time. Whether you perform the task on your own or designate an employee for the job, it is still time taken away from conducting business which could be generating revenue. The time spent on the task will increase if there are any jams during the process.

The bottom financial line is to hire a professional shredding service to perform your destruction of sensitive and confidential material. This service will shred and recycle your documents as well as remove the mess and loss of time from your worries.

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