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Should My Company Shred In-House?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

usuing a reputable document shredding service

Every business accumulates a lot of paperwork in the course of a day. There are different ways to destroy documents, but paper shredding is highly recommended. Unlike other methods of destroying papers, shredding completely destroys a document making it impossible to put back together. This deters the efforts of identity thieves who steal discarded documents, put them together and use them to carry out white collar crimes. Documents like statements, receipts and invoices contain enough information for such a person to be able to pull off fraud and siphon funds from people’s bank accounts and credit cards.

Onsite Or Offsite Paper Shredding?

Paper shredding can be done offsite or onsite. Both can be done by a company that specializes in paper shredding. This works better than having employees shred documents for a number of reasons:

  • Shredding is done on schedule. There will never be an incident where it was forgotten or delayed, which can create an opportunity for identity thieves to succeed in their quest.
  • It eliminates the cost of investing in shredders. Businesses can instead invest in other machinery or in product improvement and expansion.
  • It frees up staff to take care of other duties. No employee will have to spend time shredding documents.
  • Disposal of the shredded paper is taken care of. Otherwise, as well as shredding documents, a company would have to spend money on disposing the shredded documents and time doing it every so often. Most companies opt to recycle shredded documents.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is issued. This is required as proof that due procedure has been followed in destroying documents. In case it is required, a company can produce this certificate as proof.

How Onsite Paper Shredding Companies Work

If the job is left to a professional company that specializes in offering the service, they provide bins where documents to be shredded are stored. They then pick them up on schedule, replace the bins, shred the documents in a vehicle on your companies property and dispose of the waste.

If the pros of outsourcing the paper shredding sound good to you, count on UCI,a full-service Amarillo copier company. Call them today and get your paper shredding needs sorted out.