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How To Choose The Proper Document Shredding Services For Your Firm

Friday, May 16th, 2014

choose the best document shredding company in Amarillo, Texas

Identity theft executed using details that should be confidential like bank and credit card details is on the rise. Destroying such documents is therefore very important and in fact a legal requirement. UCI Mobile Document Shredding offers this crucial service.

Let It Out

UCI Mobile Document Shredding services do the job on-site after which they recycle the waste. If a business had to incur the expenses of transporting the paper to a shredder, the actual shredding and disposal of the waste, this can be an expense that is quite costly. Having the service brought to site is very cost effective.

Large Size, Large Savings

This document destruction company has bins of varying capacities. Clients are charged according to the volume of paper they give for shredding. A business therefore pays only for the volume of paper they need to have destroyed and frequency and not a fixed or flat rate.


Some records are particularly sensitive. Medical records, insurance documents and bank statements for instance are very sensitive. UCI Mobile Document Shredding services are very aware of all the risks. Thorough and ongoing background checks are done on their staff. The companies also issues a Certificate of Destruction after every job. This is a legal requirement. This way should a leak or loss occur, a business is covered against any claims for damages that may arise from clients or employees.


UCI Mobile Document Shredding services have extras for assurance or proof of complete shredding of every document entrusted to them to destroy. One useful extra is a camera on their trucks so that clients can watch and confirm that papers were all completely destroyed. Another useful extra is the fact that the company shreds discs and hard drives as well because these are also sources of sensitive information that need to be secured.

Top Range Trucks And Shredders

The kind of equipment a company uses is another important factor. Some simply load a large shredding machine and tries to present itself as a professional paper shredding firm. That is why it is important to do some homework on the best machinery and equipment and inquire which ones a company is using. It is important to for a business to do this to be sure they are hiring a professionally equipped company.

Testimonies from satisfied UCI Mobile Document Shredding services will attest that your documents are in safe hands or bins, once they are loaded onto their trucks.