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Why Should I Choose A NAID-Certified Shredding Provider?

Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Choosing the best document destruction company in the Texas Panhandle

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is a trade association for companies that offer information destruction services. Equipment, product, and service suppliers for destruction companies are also eligible for membership. The organization promotes the information destruction industry and the ethics and standards that its members uphold.

Why Is NAID Certification Important?

The NAID checks document destruction company compliance in 22 key areas that span paper shredding size to employee background checks. They check these areas through both scheduled and unannounced company audits. All “AAA Certified” companies complete pre-employment and random criminal background and drug screening on all employees and have third party background checks on file for owners and officers. All employees sign a non-disclosure, confidentiality agreement. The drivers wear company uniforms and picture ID badges while on the job. The company must have full written security procedures and policies, certified proof that the shredded remains are unreadable, and two million in general liability insurance.

The NAID also assists document destruction companies with meeting the extensive regulations and laws that require confidential customer information protection, including the following:

  • The FACTA Red Flag Rule requires data related vendors with access to personal customer information be audited on a regular basis.
  • The FACTA Final Disposal Rule requires all consumer information to be destroyed in full before it’s thrown away or recycled.
  • Under HIPAA, certain entities may be subject to civil consequences for business associate misconduct that results in a security risk. Your company is at a lower risk when you hire an NAID-certified destruction company.

Out of the 74 document destruction companies serving Texas, only one third satisfy the minimum security requirements to earn a “AAA Certified” rating from the NAID. This certification is the sole way for you to know that the destruction company that you hire adheres to industry standards. Don’t risk compromising the security of your business. Take the time to ensure that the company that you hire has their certification.

Keep in mind that some document destruction companies claim to have AAA Certification simply to attract business, knowing that many people won’t bother to verify the certification. The easiest way to check for the certification is to visit the company’s website and locate the AAA NAID Certification logo. Any document destruction service should also be able to provide written proof from NAID.

Who Offers NAID-Certified Shredding Services In Amarillo?

UCI does. UCI offers document destruction services for companies of all sizes. In addition to shredding paper documents, we physically destroy flash drives, computer hard drives, copier hard drives, CDs, and DVDs so that there is no risk of an electronic data breach. To learn more about our services and what we can do for your business, contact us today.