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Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

How to Delete Documents

The most effective technique to protect yourself from identity theft is to shred documents. As a general rule, there are some documents that must be shredded at all costs. Account numbers, birth dates, maiden names, passwords and PINs, signatures, and Social Security numbers are all examples.

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Monday, November 8th, 2021

It’s a scary thought, but there are people out there who will do anything they can to gain access to your business and its information. Don’t let it happen! Here are some tips on how you can keep your business safe from hackers and identity thieves.

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Thursday, July 1st, 2021

The whole purpose of shredding documents is to curtail the attempts of white-collar criminals who use them to steal people’s identities to access their resources such as bank accounts and credit or debit cards balances. It is therefore of critical importance that documents are destroyed in such a way that they cannot be retrieved and read. UCI Mobile Document Shredding services ensures this.

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

As a business owner, there are many things that you have to worry about. When it comes to the security of your paper data, you shouldn’t have to worry. The most important thing is finding a secure, mobile document shredding service. In this article, we will help you understand the most important factors to choosing the shredding service to benefit your business. Let’s take a look!

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Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

If you are with a business that obtains personal and sensitive information, you should be looking for a destruction company that meets all of your needs. While the task may sound simple, some qualities will make or break certain companies. This article will give you all of the necessary information that you should consider when choosing a company to destroy your documents. 

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

As a business, it is important to keep all of your clients information confidential. Whether you are a doctor’s office or a retail store, all information needs to be protected from theft. Every business needs to have a plan as to how they will discard their documents. It’s not just as simple as tossing them in the trash. There are steps you need to take depending on the information on said documents.

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Monday, February 8th, 2021

Many companies carry files that contain sensitive information about their business or a clients information. It is important that these companies keep these files confidential and discard them in the proper way. Below we will tell you what a shred all policy is and why having a shred all policy is vital for your company.

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Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

What is hard drive shredding?

Hard Drive shredding is whenever you use a machine to completely destroy and alter the state of your hard drive so you physically cannot recover any information from it. Some people may choose to destroy their hard drive on their own, but this doesn’t always turn out for the best. If anything is left in a way that is able to be recovered, hackers can get into it. It is best to take it to a professional. 

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Monday, December 14th, 2020

Pharmacists are responsible for an extensive amount of record keeping, including records for patients, prescriptions, drug errors, health disclosures, and narcotic receipts. In order to comply with federal legislation, you must retain all documents for the minimum retention period before disposing of them properly.

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