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How Can A Paper Shredding Company Help Protect Your Business?

Monday, June 16th, 2014

how a document shredding service can help your business

Technological advancements have made many business functions faster but it has also left people vulnerable to exploitation through white collar crimes such as credit card fraud. Many individuals and companies have fallen prey to this which is why protecting business and customer information is of critical importance.

In almost all forms of white collar crimes, there is a common factor and this is thus the perpetrators have access to information about the people and organizations that they rob. This includes details like their bank account numbers, credit card numbers, their names as registered on these accounts, e-mail passwords, bank and credit card statement and residential and business addresses and contacts. A first step in protecting business and customer information is therefore ensuring that the perpetrators cannot access these documents and that is by destroying them using a paper shredder.

Commercial Shredding

For businesses, there are on-site business shredding services that take the hassle out of destroying large piles of paperwork every few days or so often. The service is offered by companies that arrive on the business premises, collect all the papers to be shredded and do so right there. They also dispose the paper which avoids another problem of disposing of so much waste paper. There is also the option for a company to have the waste collected or delivered to paper recycling companies.

Business have so much paperwork going on at a time that makes them vulnerable to white collar robbery and fraud. The clients and suppliers are also put at risk if a business does not have proper document management. There are bills to clients, receipts detailing their details such as credit card and bank account numbers and the same details of a business for payments they make to staff and suppliers.

Domestic Shredding

For home users, there are domestic paper shredders. The same crucial details can also be intercepted when they are thrown away, left lying around the house or they can be stolen from mail boxes. It is therefore important to be equally vigilant about destroying them at home as one is about protecting business and customer information.

Be watchful also about where the documents are before you destroy them. It is best to schedule visits by an on-site shredding service and ensure that someone is assigned the duty to witness the shredding of all the documents. The cost of a domestic paper shredder or hiring these services is an affordable and small one compared to the havoc a single incident of stolen identity and cash would cost.

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