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Can Data Be Stolen Even If I Delete Sensitive Files From My Computer?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

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Many businesses assume that deleting sensitive files is enough to keep confidential information safe. Digital files are just as vulnerable, if not more vulnerable, than paper files and must be disposed of properly.

Once upon a time, you could simply erase digital data or put old hard drives into storage and know that you were safe, but these measures are no longer sufficient. As long as the hard drive still exists, skilled individuals can access that information.

How Do Thieves Steal Information Off My Hard Drive?

A storage device has a table at the beginning that lists all of its partitions. Each partition has a table of contents to catalog file locations. Deleting a file from an extant file system simply deletes the entry from the table contents. The actual file on the disk remains untouched. It is possible to overwrite or make other changes to these files at a later date. However, the data is altered in some way, it remains in the system. With the right software, someone can access these “deleted” files in a matter of minutes.

Why Does My Organization Need To Worry About Data Theft?

You may be thinking to yourself that your organization doesn’t have a lot of sensitive information. Isn’t data destruction something that’s more appropriate for a highly classified government entity? If you have any sort of employee or client contact information stored in your files, such as addresses, credit card numbers, and social security numbers, you risk liability if those details get into the wrong hands. In short, there is no modern company that won’t benefit from comprehensive document destruction.

For industries with large amounts of highly sensitive information, such as medical and financial industries, document destruction is not negotiable. If you work in a medical practice, law office, bank, or other financial institution, you may find yourself facing legal trouble if a client’s data is compromised.

How Do I Protect My Organization’s Data?

The only way to get rid of data for good is to have the hard drive destroyed. Reputable hard drive destruction services ensure that hard drives and the information that they contain remain safe once they’re off of your premises. It may seem like a lot of hassle and expense to hire professionals for this sort of job, but it’s well worth the money. A single breach in security can send years of hard earned reputation down the drain in a matter of days, or even hours.

UCI offers hard drive destruction as well as copier, document, and managed services for businesses of all sizes in the Amarillo, Lubbock and Wichita Falls. Regardless of the size and needs of your company, we are here to help you destroy sensitive information for good. To learn more about our secure hard drive shredding service, contact us today.