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Why Do Businesses Need To Outsource Their Shredding?

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

shred your documents for business security with UCI Document Destruction

For businesses looking for an efficient document shredding solution, keeping it in-house might seem like a no-brainer. With just some basic equipment distributed throughout your business and employees responsible for its execution, it can provide an intuitive solution when dealing with confidential information. However, this option requires extensive oversight – both logistically and legally; any missteps could leave you vulnerable to costly data breaches or compliance violations that are avoided through professional services from third-party vendors.

The Disadvantages of In-House Shredding

On the surface, document shredding in-house does seem easier. However, when you start looking at things from different perspectives, you will see that it comes with some serious disadvantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Hidden labor costs – While it may seem like a minor task, shredding important documents can have major costs beyond the minute or two your employees spend on them. Who will empty overflowing bins? What happens if the equipment breaks down? There’s also maintenance to consider – who’ll be responsible for calling in repairs and finding replacement parts should something go wrong with your setup?
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair – Regular shredding of confidential documents can be a necessity; however, over time the machine’s ability to break down paperwork may begin to deteriorate. Repairs or potential replacement costs should also be taken into consideration when deciding on which device best meets your organization’s security needs and budgeting requirements.
  • Less security – In-house document shredding may seem like the more secure option, but it often comes with an unexpected cost: convenience. Your employees might prefer throwing documents away to using a shredder every time – making it all too easy for sensitive information to slip through the cracks and into trash cans. With no third-party confirmation of destruction either, this leaves your organization open to potential data risk without adequate protection in place.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Shredding

As you can see, the seemingly simple act of shredding in a business is more complicated than you thought. If you take business security seriously you need to bring in a company to handle your document shredding. The advantages of outsourcing your document shredding will address the disadvantages of keeping shredding in-house.

  • Only labor cost is putting paper in shredding bins – To ensure maximum efficiency and compliance, placing secure bins in accessible areas can be a great way to encourage your employees to conveniently dispose of sensitive documents. By making this process as effortless as possible for staff members, you’re creating an incentive that not only helps keep data under wraps but also keeps productivity levels up!
  • No purchase costs or ongoing maintenance and repair costs – By using a document shredding company, you can leave the costs and maintenance of paper shredders in their capable hands. It even takes away the burden of managing service requests or keeping tabs on repairs – allowing your employees to focus on more important tasks.
  • Higher level of security – Outfitting your office with locked bins can be an easy and secure way to dispose of sensitive documents. Your employees don’t have the burden of manually shredding each document, as when a truck arrives it will collect all papers in the carts. In moments these items are transformed into confetti for maximum protection against prying eyes!

To keep your documents safe, it’s essential to turn to a document shredding company with an impeccable reputation. Opt for one that offers comprehensive document management solutions – this will not only lower costs but also minimize any challenges along the way!

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