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Why Do Businesses Need To Outsource Their Shredding?

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

shred your documents for business security with UCI Document Destruction

Keeping document shredding in-house sounds so easy. You buy a few shredders, place them around the business, and have the employees handle everything. Shredding becomes a part of the business day for everyone. There are no third-party companies involved. What could be simpler?

The Disadvantages of In-House Shredding

On the surface, document shredding in-house does seem easier. However, when you start looking at things from different perspectives, you will see that it comes with some serious disadvantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Hidden labor costs – You may think that your labor costs of shredding will be minimal. Your employees may spend a minute or so a day shredding documents. But, who will empty the shredding bins? Who will take the shredded paper to the refuse bin or recycling center? What happens if the shredder breaks down? Who will fix it? Who will call the repair company?
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair – Shredders will break down over time. You will need someone to come out and fix them. You will have to pay for repair costs. You will eventually have to pay for replacing the shredders when they get past their useful life. Those costs can be quite high if you do enough shredding.
  • Less security – When you do in-house document shredding, you might think that your security level will be higher. The fact is that your employees may not want to deal with the shredder all the time. Just placing the document into the trash is simpler. In addition, you have no third-party confirmation of the shredding activity.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Shredding

As you can see, the seemingly simple act of shredding in a business is more complicated than you thought. If you take business security seriously you need to bring in a company to handle your document shredding. The advantages of outsourcing your document shredding will address the disadvantages of keeping shredding in-house.

  • Only labor cost is putting paper in shredding bins – Place the locked bins at strategic locations throughout your business. Your employees can put their documents into the bins while doing other activities. That is all they need to do. Making it as easy as possible will increase their incentive to do it.
  • No purchase costs or ongoing maintenance and repair costs – You do not worry about the cost of shredders and maintaining them. You pay a fee to the document shredding company and they worry about the equipment. It also removes the need for an employee to have to manage calling the shredder repair company and monitoring the work.
  • Higher level of security – With simple locked bins, your employees are more likely to put documents into them. They do not have to hassle with the shredder. The locked bins keep the documents secure until the shredding truck arrives. The truck operators wheel the carts out and load them into the truck. At that point, the document shredding happens and the paper becomes confetti.

If you are serious about securing your documents, you need to bring in a document shredding company with a solid reputation and a proven track record. You want a company that can offer a full document management package instead of just shredding services. That will keep your costs lower and your hassle level to a minimum.

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