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4 Hard Drive And Document Destruction Myths You Should Know

Friday, May 11th, 2018

UCI Shredding | 4 myths about document destruction

Keeping your confidential information safe is now a priority. With the sophisticated methods used by hackers and criminals, keeping your valuable numbers, passwords, programs or any other sensitive material out of the wrong hands is essential. There are companies that can destroy these sensitive materials which comply with laws set up regarding their performance. However, many still believe the myths about shredding without knowing the facts. The following are four common myths about hard drive and document destruction that you should be aware of.

Myth #1: The shredding operation must be witnessed

The myth that shredding operations must be witnessed is often believed due to the sensitivity of certain documents and hard drives containing confidential information. Many believe it is required by HIPAA and FACTA that someone in authority must witness the destruction of data. It is true that these pieces of information must be appropriately destroyed; however, there are no laws in place that require the witnessing of this destruction.

A commercial shredding company will provide you with a certificate that verifies you’ve used their destruction service. This certificate keeps you in compliance with the laws and is also proof of their employee integrity.

Myth #2: A retail shredder is adequate

It is often believed that purchasing a shredder from a local retailer is a cheap and easy solution to destroying documents. What you may not realize is the problem this method of shredding will cause you and your business performances.

For example, one problem occurs if you have a lot of shredding material. Even the most expensive machine will require maintenance and replacement after a certain amount of use.

Also, retail shredders will not destroy old hard drives or other electronics where much of your sensitive information may be stored.

These machines will require you to set up a schedule for employees to follow to shred documents. Many times if an employee is on a performance goal, shredding will not occur as it takes time away from their targets.

Myth #3: Commercial shredding cannot be recycled

Many believe that commercial shredding companies do not use recycling methods, but this is untrue. Industrial destruction of documents and all other items including hard drives are recycled whenever it is possible. If you are still cautious, be sure to ask shredding companies about their recycling procedures.

Myth #4: Trash cans are safe

While many of us believe a trash can is safe due to the unpleasant items that are placed in them; this is not true. Identity thieves know you may be throwing away papers that include banking information, social security numbers, and other personal identification. These documents can be stolen from the trash and efficiently used to steal your identity. Even papers shredded by retail shredders can be put back together enough for significant numbers to be taken off of them.

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