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3 Ways To Protect Your Company Identity From Identity And Data Theft

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

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Identity theft is becoming a more significant threat every day. People are finding their identity is being stolen from some of the least suspected areas. Movies give you the impression that thieves sit in dark rooms with computer screens in front of them as they search for your vulnerable information online. This idea is far from the truth. Most identity thieves attack in areas you consider to be safe. The workplace is one of those areas, and identity theft can happen to anyone.

When employees begin working for you, you have to ask them to provide a large amount of personal information. You may ask new employees to provide a social security card and background information. All this will then be stored in your database. There are laws that say you to keep this information safe, with serious repercussions if you don’t. To make sure you are keeping your employee and customer data and information safe, follow these procedures.

Prevent free reign

Don’t allow free reign to areas in your company that contain private information. Only employees who have reason to look at data of your customers or employees should have access to this information. If you have digital files, these and all databases should require encryption codes to access.

You should also keep records of the individuals who have access. This list can make finding the culprit much easier for authorities if identity theft happens to you or your employees.

Use protocols for document destruction and storage

Your company should have processes that all employees follow for handling sensitive documents. Make them part of your initial “new employee” information and back them up with frequent reminders on destroying documents.

If you do not need confidential information stored in your database on a daily basis, store it in an off-site facility. Locked storage rooms within your building are also efficient in keeping confidential materials secure. Once you no longer need the documents, you can have them shredded by a trusted company.

Locked shredding bins should be placed throughout your business if you work with sensitive documents daily. These will give your employees a convenient and secure place to put sensitive materials. These bins can then be given to a reliable shredding service for destruction.

Educate and train employees

Even though most people are aware of the risks of identity theft, it is still important to educate and train your employees. Train them on the many ways identity theft can happen, especially in regards to how they handle sensitive documents.

Dumpster diving is one method thieves use to access information. Other ways to steal personal details include social engineering, phishing on social media and emails, and visual hacking. You need to alert your employees to the importance of shredding all documents and avoiding suspicious emails, links, and downloads. Every employee should understand the laws that prohibit the mishandling of private materials as well.

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